Mia Olgardsdotter

Human Rogue




Life as the daughter of a renowned monster hunter didn’t start out with quite the fanfare that Mia expected. When her father Olgard was recruited by the Skiltfolk, a renowned group of slayers, he forbade 15-year-old Mia from accompanying him to the coastal province that was to be his new home. Instead, Olgard bought a small flock of sheep for Mia to tend, and instructed her to remain in the fishing village of her home. Mia was upset, but her father promised that if she still longed for a life of adventure by the time she came of age next year, she could make the journey to the coast and sign up with the Skiltfolk herself.

But the very next winter, disaster struck Mia’s village. Fishing boats started to capsize. Sheep from Mia’s flock began to disappear. Rumors of a monster in the lake spread like wildfire amongst the townsfolk. Mia dismissed these rumors as simple superstition, but just to be safe, she sent word to her father of what was happening in the village. One night, the sound of panicked bleating drew Mia to the lake shore, where she witnessed her fellow villagers performing sacrificial rites with her father’s flock! Just as she was about to confront the deranged cult members, the amphibious monster emerged from the lake and devoured them all. Paralyzed with fear, Mia could do nothing but watch as the frog beast lumbered towards her, stared into her eyes, then slowly turned around and slipped back into the lake.

Mia’s mind was broken by the affair, and for weeks afterwards, she singlehandedly led the sacrificial efforts to appease the monster. When her father received Mia’s letter, he hurried home with all speed, but was met with a version of his daughter that he barely recognized. Olgard was able to shake Mia out of her delirium and convinced her to aid him in his quest to defeat the monster. The father-daughter pair was successful in their attempt, but it cost Olgard his life. Haunted by her heinous transgressions, Mia set out to honor her father’s memory by following in his footsteps.

Mia Olgardsdotter

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